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It;s easy to copy video URL from the Share menu, then Copy Link option.
If a video URL isn't available - use our search function, type something in the box.
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Youtube to mp4 converter online easy downloads

YT1S Youtube Mp4 Downloader can convert MP4 and other video formats. To see the many possibilities before you, simply copy the URL of the video and paste it into the box above. Then click the Download button. Video conversion online is free, fast, secure, and easy for anyone. It's essential to have tools that can be used to edit and convert video from one format to another. Not all social media networks allow all formats of video for upload. Convert to mp4 is easy, as it's supported everywhere and used by all apps..

Download Mp4 from Youtube. How to work it in 3 steps:

Download any format & quality with Youtube videos

This is a Youtube to Mp4 converter, but we can also convert to 3GP and WEBM formats if required. Select the video format you want from the drop-down menu box. We will then look into it. This Easy Mp4 converter can also be used with Youtube playlists. Simply copy the URL of the playlist and paste it in the search box, just as with any other Youtube video.

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YT1S Youtube to Mp4 app

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Our web-app is easy to use, takes up very little space on your smartphone, does not require updates, and looks and functions the same as any app you can get from the app shop. It is just as native for handheld devices. It's worth a try. This app can be uninstalled at any time by selecting the "Uninstall" option. It works on Android and Windows devices. Your AMD Laptop and iPhone will also work.

Instant Access with bookmark

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Bookmarklet is a bookmark for browsers that does a little more than the regular bookmark. When you press this bookmark, it will take you to this page and show you the URL address of what page you were at the time the bookmark was clicked. This bookmark will allow you to open any Youtube video or playlist that you wish to convert to MP4 and save you the trouble of pasting the URL into the search field.

FAQ - Questions & Answers

How to convert Youtube video mp4 on smartphone?

  1. Open Youtube using your browser. Copy the URL of the Youtube video you want to convert to MP4 and save it to your clipboard.
  2. Insert the URL of the video you want to download and then click the red button. To search videos on Youtube, you can also enter keywords.
  3. Next, select the file format that you want to download and then click "Get link". You can then download the file by clicking on the link.
  4. Select the right-click menu item'save as', and then enter the file name. Have fun!

Do you have any limits on the number of downloads?

No, download as much as you see fit. Just don't do simultaneous downloads, as it might backfire.

How to locate the downloaded mp4s on my smartphone?

Try use browser menu to open Downloads section, if you have no notifications anymore on finished downloads.

What is the easiest way to convert Youtube to mp4?

  1. Copy the link to the Youtube video you wish to convert.
  2. Enter yt1s, paste the video URL in the input field, and then click on convert.
  3. Select the format you prefer, as well as the video quality and file size. Then download the converted mp4 file.